Kalos Resources, LLC

Kalos Resources, L.L.C. is a land acquisition based company that focuses on the acquisition both producing and non-producing mineral rights, oil and gas royalties, overriding royalty interest, lease hold interest, non-op working interest, and operated working interest. The founding partners are land based professionals with over 20 year experience in all aspects of land acquisitions. We are proud of our past acquisitions and have acquired over 40,000 NMA of lease hold interest and have purchased over 20,000 acres mineral interest throughout some of the most sought after plays throughout Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Our success is greatly attributed to the quality and dedication of our team. While the “deal” is important, our integrity and character will not be encroached upon. Our partners truly believe that if a deal cannot be done the right way, then the deal will not get done with Kalos!

Kalos has worked to develop a network of both industry and financial partners to create an opportunity second to none when it comes to leasing and/ or selling your mineral rights. Because Kalos is land based, it is of the utmost importance that our partners be the best of the best when it comes to Geology, Engineering, and finance. These relationships give our clients the peace of mind that they are not just dealing with another land flipper. Kalos is not interested in just any old deal. It is our focus for our mineral owners, working interest partners and investors to acquire and develop only the best mineral interest. This mentality and focus allows us to place ourselves at the top end of the market giving all parties involved in a transaction the best deal possible.

Our years of oil and gas experience and knowledge will allow our team to guide your through the daunting process of leasing or selling your mineral rights. Our stream lined process allows mineral owners to to receive a quick evaluation of their interests that is both competitive and fair.